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Welcome to the Nebraska Department of Transportations' Transportation Tidbits! Here you can learn about the Department and the work that we do, as well as current happenings across the state. Stay tuned as more information is shared!





Though weather may be changing, that doesn't keep our crews from working throughout the year. Learn what you can do to keep yourself, other drivers, and road workers safe in work zones.

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“When Nebraskans travel our roads we strive for more than just providing a route. We are providing a connection – a connection that brings families together, sparks economic growth, or positively impacts a community’s way of life,” Director Schneweis said.

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Pavement Blow-ups4

Along with rising temperatures in Nebraska comes the potential for pavement “blow-ups.”  These occur when thermal expansion forces the pavement to buckle and shatter.  The Nebraska Department of Transportation urges motorists to be aware of the increased potential for pavement blow-ups, particularly during the summer months.

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