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Welcome to the Nebraska Department of Transportations' Transportation Tidbits! Here you can learn about the Department and the work that we do, as well as current happenings across the state. Stay tuned as more information is shared!





Using Center Turn Lanes

  • 7 November 2017
Center Turn Lanes

A center lane separated with solid and broken yellow lines reserves a lane for left turns shared with traffic from the opposite direction. Motorists entering this lane should use caution and may only turn left. Using this lane to pass is prohibited. Signs or arrow markings on the pavement will assist drivers in recognizing this useful turning lane.


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Full Eclipse

We were still employees of the Department of Roads when we began planning for the Great American solar eclipse. Even several months away, we understood that it was definitely a “Big Deal,” though it was difficult to comprehend the grand scale of it at the time. Group meetings and informal discussions helped us bring the subject down to earth.



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Mowing along the Interstate

The Nebraska Department of Transportation is focused on being good stewards of the environment as well as our roadways.  We work each year to balance the needs of the public while maintaining a valuable habitat for native Nebraska wildlife.  We do this through strategic mowing as well as noxious weed maintenance. 


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