Transportation Alternatives (TA)

The FAST Act created a set-aside of Surface Transportation Block Grant program funding for the transportation alternatives (TA).  These set-aside funds include all projects and activities encompassing a variety of smaller-scale transportation projects such as:   

  • Construction, planning, and design of trail facilities for pedestrians, bicyclists, and other non-motorized forms of transportation.
  • Construction, planning, and design of infrastructure-related projects and systems that will provide safe routes for non-drivers, including children, older adults, and individuals with disabilities to access daily needs.
  • Conversion and use of abandoned railroad corridors for trails for pedestrians, bicyclists, or other non-motorized transportation users.
  • Safe Routes to School (infrastructure projects only).


Funding Requirement of Program

TA funding is 80 percent funded by the local public agency (LPA) and requires 20 percent matching funds to be provided by local public agencies 



In order for projects to receive funding through TA, they must meet all the criteria outlined below:

  • Project must have logical termini and display project independence.
  • The LPA must provide at least a 20% non-federal cash match of total project costs and commit to provide future maintenance of the project
  • If the LPA resides in a MPO area, then the LPA must have previously applied for TAP funding through their MPO.
  • Projects must comply with all federal and state guidelines and regulations. Federal and state requirements for the program are outlined in the NDOT LPA Guidelines Manual.


Application and Selection Process

All TA project will be administered through a competitive bid and selection process.  The TA program is currently full through Fiscal Year 2021, so NDOT will not be conducting a competitive selection process until 2018 or 2019.