Warlick Blvd from US-77 to N-2, Lincoln



Project Purpose

The need for this project is based on the condition of the existing roadway and recent inspections showing that the pavement distresses require rehabilitation. The purpose of this project is to preserve the L-55W transportation asset (Warlick Blvd. from US-77 - N-2, including 14th St.), improve the reliability of the transportation system, and perpetuate the mobility of the traveling public.  


Safety Reminders

See tracks, think train! Construction may result in traffic backups along Old Cheney Road, where a railroad track crosses the roadway. As you approach railroad tracks, make sure there is room to clear the tracks before crossing. If not, do not cross until there is adequate space on the other side of the tracks. Do not stop on the tracks.

Project Resources


Updated Project Timeline

The project will be constructed in two phases. Anticipated schedule:

  • First Phase: Spring/Summer 2017
  • Second Phase: August 2017 through January 2018


Future Construction (City of Lincoln)