Fremont Southeast Beltway

Project Information

Project #: NH-77-3(125)
Control #: 22205


Items from November 29, 2007 Public Meeting

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Proposed Construction: This project is a location study and an environmental assessment for a new four-lane beltway near the City of Fremont, Nebraska. The purpose of the project is to improve traffic flow and safety on US-77 via a high-speed beltway around the southeast side of Fremont. The beltway would improve continuity of US-77 and improve the regional connectivity between US-77, US-275, and US-30. The length of the proposed alternative is approximately 3.2 miles.

Related Studies:
 The project is undergoing an environmental assessment study in compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act and all corresponding regulations and guidelines of the FHWA. This assessment documents the alternatives for the project, including design concepts, and evaluates the potential impacts on the social, economic and biological environments. Traffic studies indicate an average daily volume of 9,400 by year 2035. 

 Permanent right-of-way will be required for the entire length of the project. The permanent right-of-way for the Beltway will be approximately 200 feet wide the entire length of the project. Additional right-of-way will also be needed for side road connections, viaducts, etc.
Phasing: Construction is not scheduled at this time, and phasing options are not under consideration at this time.

Estimated Cost:
 The project’s current, preliminary cost estimate is to be determined.


If you have questions about this project, you can contact the NDOR District 2 Office at 402-595-2534.



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