Guidance Documents

This page is under construction. Documents may be added or removed from this page at any time as they are identified and categorized.


DORG00008  |  Rest Area Rules

Governs a citizen's usage of Nebraska's rest areas.


DORG00009  |  Nebraska's Interstate 80 Rest Areas

Contains rest area information and prohibitions.


DORG00013  |  Application to Harvest Hay (Spanish)

This application is completed and submitted to NDOR when requesting a permit to mow and harvest hay on state property.


DORG00022  |  So You Want a Highway Sign

Overview of policies and procedures for obtaining a sign along the highway.


DORG00023  |  Nebraska Byways - A Guide to Highway Signs

Brochure with summary regarding signs along Scenic Byways.


DORG00024  |  Frequently Asked Questions [Junkyards]

Questions and answers regarding the location of junkyards along the Highway Beautifcation Control System.


DORG00025  |  Banners Policy - Overview

General Overview of when Banners are allowed.


DORG00027  |  Letter from NDOR Director Regarding Special Events

Procedure for closing a State Highway for a special event.


DORG00032   |  Vegetation Trimming and Removal on State Right-Of-Way for Outdoor Advertising Signs Adjacent to the State Highway System

Describes processes and procedures for applying for and executing a permit to trim or remove vegetation on the state highway right-of-way.