Design Research Projects


Design and Evaluation of Modified Centerline Rumble Strips  |  03.08.2017
  • Project #: SPR-P1(16) M034
  • Researcher: Yong-Rak Kim, Taesun You, Laurence Rilett


Performance Characteristics of Posts Embedded in Soil  |  13.8.2016
  • Project #: M326
  • Researchers: Brandt Humphrey, Karla Lechtenberg, John Reid, Ron Faller, James Holloway


Conceptual Development of an Impact-Attenuation System for Intersecting Roadways  |  12.8.2015
  • Project #: M332
  • Researchers: Joseph Putjenter, Robert Bielenberg, Ronald Faller, John Reid


Design and Evaluation of an Energy-Absorbing, Reusable Roadside/Median Barrier |  7.29.2015
  • Project #: DPU-STWD(94)
  • Researchers: Jennifer Schmidt, Scott Rosenbaugh, Ron Faller, Bob Bielenberg, John Reid, Jim Holloway, Karla Lechtenberg, Justine Kohtz


Evaluation of Energy Absorbers for Use in a Roadside/Median Barrier  |  2.6.2014
  • Project #: DPU-STWD(94)
  • Researchers: Jennifer Schmidt, Tyler Schmidt, Ron Faller, Dean Sicking, John Reid, Karla Lechtenberg, Bob Bielenberg, Scott Rosenbaugh, Jim Holloway


Predicting the Dynamic Fracture of Steel via a Non-Local Strain-Energy Density Failure Criterion  |  6.23.2014
  • Project #: DPS-STWD(118)
  • Researchers: Kevin D.Schrum, Dean L. Sicking, Ronald K. Faller, John D. Reid


Development of a MASH TL-3 Transition between Guardrail and Portable Concrete Barriers  |  6.26.2016
  • Project #: M326
  • Researchers: David Gutierrez, Bob Bielenberg, Ron Faller, John Reid, Karla Lechtenberg


Layer Moduli of Nebraska Pavements for the New Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide (MEPDG)  |  12.10.2011
  • Project #: M317
  • Researcher: Yong-Rak Kim


Acceleration Ramps along High Operating Speed Roadways  |  11.10.2011
  • Project #: P582
  • Researcher: Karen Schurr


Safety and Driver Behavior Studies at Multiple Lane Approaches to Stop-Controlled Intersections  |  5.10.2010
  • Project #: P574
  • Researcher: Karen Shurr


Toward Implementation of Mechanistic-Empirical Design in Nebraska  |  6.7.2010
  • Project #: P300
  • Researcher: Atorod Azizinamini


Safety Evaluation of Left-Turn Lane Line  |  6.3.2010
  • Project #: P554
  • Researcher: Genza Pesti


Offset Right-Turn Lanes for Improved Intersection Sight Distance  |  6.1.2010
  • Project #: P592
  • Researcher: Karen Schurr


Appropriate Design Speed for Horizontal Curves Approaching A Stop  |  9.1.2004
  • Project #: P534
  • Researcher: Karen Schurr


Development of Rural Bicycle Compatibility Index  |  7.1.2004
  • Project #: P533
  • Researcher: Elizabeth Jones


Deceleration Lanes on Left-Turn Bays of Four-Lane Expressways  |  12.1.2003
  • Project #: P537
  • Researcher: Karen Schurr



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